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As enthusiasts of the Skyline GT-R cars, our humble business beginnings started in the early 1990s during the golden age of Japanese car manufacturers.

Since then, through the years of our hard work, our love of JDM sports cars and our deep commitment to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction has led us to become who we currently are.


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After a full restoration, This is a proper driver's car, even though it has quite a lot going on underneath, it is still nimble, exhilarating and a classic. Yes, you tend to get a lot of positive attention, and not in the same way that a supercar might. It is ace.

—Takumi Fujiwara

Picking the interior upgrade I must say the audio system has been significantly improved as I now have surround sound and a strong feeling bass if needed.
This makes me very, very happy
In addition, the GTR ECU tuning has improved the options for the car, adding Boost Control, real time adjustments and more!

—Akio Asakura

The body option is perfect for an enthusiast like me who likes to race. The rate at which these mechanics work is incredible! 💯

—Paul Walker

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